Saturday, January 15, 2011

I cant even title this post, I am so crazy upset!

Sometimes I hate this country so much, not only can I not blog about it, I cant even talk about it. It's taken me days to get up the oomph to write this post.  Egypt has a way of sucking you in, letting you think you have finally mastered the intricate art of living here, and then, BOOM! Some thing or things go so badly awry, you realize this great lady Egypt has been f'ing with your head again, and she is most definitely enjoying it.  She must, because she certainly does it often enough!.  I have been suffering for days--more like weeks actually- but today have become absolutely furious.  I have, once again, definitely reached my tolerance--and sanity--breaking point.

I want to write about it, but right now I can't.  I am so burning mad about all the sh#t that happens here, and have been seriously trying to figure out a way I can go back to the USA.  And what makes all this so much worse is, I dont see how I can do it.

I dont know how I can manage to go home!

I will write more--after I calm down enough to make sense.  Until then...

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