Friday, January 7, 2011

Abu Dhabi bound?

In this post, I forgot to mention that several months ago--when my husband's current job position was unstable, he applied to teach in a university in Abu Dhabi.  He had really forgotten about it until last week when he was called into downtown Cairo for an interview.  He was told he would receive their response in the next month or so.  Two days ago he was offered the job!  WOW!  Deep breath.  It sounds like a wonderful opportunity with lots of perks.  I never imagined living in the Gulf.  In fact I would have refused to even consider it.  But from what I hear it is nothing like Saudi Arabia--thankfully--and in fact is more like America--an "Islamic" America???  Hmmm.  This requires a lot of thought, and many prayers for Guidance.  Despite everything, I am not sure I really want to leave Egypt.

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